About Us

The Association for the Promotion of Global Chinese Traders Fraternity, or GCTF, a non-governmental organization registered in Hong Kong, is an internationally recognized organization dedicates “To Rally Chinese Elites and Advance the Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation”.

Under the advocacy and support from fast-growing private sectors of China’s economy, we are the only organization that joined the strategic development alliance with Chinese Private Enterprise Summit.  It spares no efforts to unite all Chinese in the world especially the Chinese traders and advocate the cooperation and development among Chinese.  This elevates the status and influence of Chinese traders on the world economic stage.

Besides the Chinese Private Enterprise Summit, the Association launched two large forum series, The Power of Culture with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and  Annual Conference on Economic and Trade for Cross-Strait Private Sectors in the ECFA era with Zhejiang Federation of Private Enterprise Development and  the Association of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan.


We provide different platforms for our members to share rich resources and explore business opportunities. We also establish an influential international network for Chinese traders. We play an active and important role in protecting the rights and interests of Chinese traders worldwide, as well as in promoting commercial, educational, cultural and social development.

For more information, please visit our Chinese website or contact the secretariat.

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